Matthew Hansley

Co-founder & Co-Executive Chair

I was born in a small and rural town named Skippack, located in Eastern Pennsylvania. My first experience with serving the LGBTQIA Community began in Philadelphia, PA at Penguin Place – once the LGBT Youth center in Philadelphia, PA, and I have been involved with the community now for over two decades. After beginning College at the Penn State University in 2010 I graduated with distinction in earning Bachelors of Science degrees in Sociology and Criminal Justice in 2014. I am currently attending Penn State Harrisburg’s Community Psychology and Social Change graduate program. Over the past decade, I and others have been diligently constructing the foundations for National Center for Equality and Innovation, which was officially founded as a non-profit charitable organization in 2014. Some of my other interests that contribute to my work in the non-profit sector for the LGBTQIA community include photography, sound collage artistry, and volunteer work.